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Canada Joins Battle Against ISIS

The Prime Minister of Canada announced on Friday that Canada will join in the fight against ISIS.

Canadian fighter jets will take part in U.S.-led air strikes against Islamic State militants operating in Iraq for up to six months, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Friday.

Harper told the House of Commons that Canada also planned to send an air-to-air refueling aircraft and two surveillance planes to the region. He did not say how many jets would take part in the campaign. Harper said Canada would not deploy ground troops against ISIS.

The plan is subject to a vote in Parliament next week but is bound to be approved, since the ruling Conservatives have a majority. "We intend to significantly degrade the capabilities of ISIS, specifically, its ability either to engage in military movements of scale or to operate bases in the open," Harper said.

The United States has been bombing ISIS and other radical groups in Syria for almost two weeks with the help of Arab allies, and hitting targets in neighboring Iraq since August. European countries have joined the campaign in Iraq but not in Syria.


— Reuters