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Germany Sends 240 Cops to Arrest Nine ISIS Suspects in Cologne

Hundreds of police officers in Germany launched dawn raids and arrested nine people accused of supporting ISIS and other groups, officials said.

MAINZ, Germany — Nine people accused of supporting ISIS and other extremists were arrested in a series of raids early Wednesday, German officials said. Prosecutors said the suspects included a 58-year old Pakistani national identified only as Mirza Tamoor B., who allegedly supported foreign terror organizations including ISIS and Syrian rebel group Ahrar al Sham. Authorities also alleged that a 31-year-old German citizen referred to as Kais B.O. had helped at least three people to join ISIS. Both were arrested near Cologne.

Around 240 police officers were involved in the dawn raids targeting several properties. The other seven people arrested were suspected of supporting a foreign terror organization and preparing an act that was threatening to the state. “We have been monitoring the group since May 2013,” prosecutor Ulf Willuhn told NBC News. “The accused in our jurisdiction are also suspected of burglary and robbery to help finance foreign terror organizations." Officials believe at least 430 people from Germany have traveled to Syria to fight — compared to 100 from the U.S.


- Andy Eckardt and Alexander Smith