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James Baker On ISIS: We Need People On Ground

On “Meet the Press” Sunday, the former Secretary of State said the operation against ISIS will not be successful without forces on the ground.

Former Secretary of State James Baker said on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday that President Obama’s plan to defeat ISIS has "some problems," — namely figuring out who are America’s partners on the ground.

Baker, who played a key role in putting together the coalition to take on Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and liberate Kuwait back in the 1980s, added to the chorus of people saying that dealing with ISIS is going to involve boots on the ground. And those boots could very well end up being U.S. Special Forces because of the difficulty in bringing together regional allies.

He also said this White House must continue to push the diplomatic angle if degrading ISIS is to have a lasting affect. He called for a global discussion that includes the European Union, Russia and China to conference together on how to "empower the moderate forces in the region."


— Shawna Thomas