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U.S. Air Strikes Target ISIS Facilities Near Syria Grain Store

ISIS still advancing despite US airstrikes 2:36

Eleven air strikes targeted ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq, the U.S. military said Monday - adding that it had no evidence so far of civilian casualties. “In Syria, one air strike near Dayr ar Zawr destroyed one [ISIS] armed vehicle while another destroyed an [ISIS] anti-aircraft artillery transport vehicle,” US Central Command said in a statement. One of the other air strikes carried out on Sunday and early Monday was hit a training camp and a vehicle staging area adjacent to a grain storage facility near Manbij, the statement added.

"We are aware of media reports alleging civilian casualties, but have no evidence to corroborate these claims," Colonel Patrick Ryder, a spokesman at Central Command told Reuters, adding that the military took such reports seriously and would look into them further. A group monitoring the war said Monday the strike near the grain store appeared to have killed civilians rather than Islamist fighters.


- Alastair Jamieson

Reuters contributed to this report.