Iraqi President Expresses Condolences to James Foley's Family

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Iraqi President Fuad Masum sent a letter of condolence Saturday to the family of James Foley, the American journalist beheaded on video by ISIS militants. Masum, the first Iraqi official to reach out to Foley’s family, called the killing a “barbarian and bloodthirsty action,” and said the killing proved that ISIS “terrorists” have no respect for the “dignity of humanity.”

He also used the letter to call attention to “boosting the freedom of journalists” so that they can broadcast news and information to their audiences.

Here is the full letter translated from Arabic to English:

Respectfully, to the family of James Foley,We have received painfully the grievous news of killing the journalist James Foley, without believing that any human being could perform a bloodthirsty act like this.This crime is added to the many daily crimes that are done by the terrorists, and stresses on the necessity of boosting the freedom of journalists, guarding their rights to work, and securing the delivery of their news to the audience. This is what the terrorists have not recognized, those who do not care of the dignity of humanity.I feel the deep pain that is caused to the family, friends and colleagues because of this crime, to us as well, and to all those who appreciate life.


— NBC New's Baghdad Producer and Elisha Fieldstadt