Legal Pot

New York Times To Run Ad From Marijuana Company

A week after the New York Times called for the legalization of marijuana in an editorial, a full-page ad for a company that helps marijuana users find the drug will appear in its pages.

In an ad in Sunday's edition of the paper, Seattle-based Privateer Holdings features its medical marijuana website, which helps users to find pot dispensaries and to choose strains. The ad depicts a woman jogger in Spandex gliding past a brownstone building as a crisply dressed professional man stands atop its steps with a bundle of papers under his arm.

"Ian chose an indica cannabis strain to relieve his MS symptoms," a bubble next to him says.

"While fighting cancer, Molly preferred a sativa cannabis," says the bubble next to the jogger.

An advertisement from a group opposed to legal marijuana, Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and allied organizations, appeared in Saturday’s paper.

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— Reuters