Michael Brown Shooting

FBI Probing Alleged Audio of Michael Brown Shooting

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Prosecutors say the FBI is trying to validate an audio recording that allegedly captured the police shooting of Michael Brown — including what sounds like a volley of six shots, a brief pause, and then another four or five shots. The unidentified man who made the recording says he was using a phone app to create a video text message at the same time the unarmed 18-year-old was killed in a midday confrontation with a cop in Ferguson, Missouri, on Aug. 9, according to his lawyer, Lopa Blumenthal. "He didn’t know necessarily what was going on outside until later, and that’s when he put two and two together and realized he may have recorded what was going on at the time," Blumenthal said.

Blumenthal said the FBI has interviewed her client and listened to the recording, which was first reported by CNN. NBC News has obtained the recording but cannot independently verify that the sounds on it are linked to the Brown shooting, and the FBI had no comment. Autopsy reports say that Brown was shot at least six times, but up to 11 shots are heard on the recording. It's not clear why there was a pause in the middle, and the recording only contains 12 seconds of audio. "We don't have any side that we're representing other than the fact that here's a piece of evidence that we want to get to the investigators which may lead to a more complete story," Blumenthal said.

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— Ron Allen and Tracy Connor