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After Home Destroyed, Israeli Urges IDF to Keep Fighting in Gaza

Arieh Meir had just left his home to run some errands when his home was hit by a Hamas rocket. NBC News' Kate Snow reports.
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YAHUD, Israel — Arieh Meir had just left his home to run some errands. Five minutes later, a neighbor called him in a panic; his house, a few miles north of the Tel Aviv airport, had been hit. “At least nobody got hurt,” he said, comforting his wife, who was in tears. Since the start of the current conflict in Gaza — and indeed for years now — Palestinian militants have fired rockets from Gaza and Israel's defense system, the “Iron Dome,” has usually been able to intercept them. But Tuesday was an exception.

Meir and his wife share a small complex of houses with three of their seven children and two of their grandkids. On Tuesday, the hardest hit was the small home his daughter and her husband share with their two children. None of them was home at the time although with a rocket hitting so close to the Tel Aviv airport, several international air carriers canceled flights. But Meir said that despite the attack, he wants the Israeli Defense Forces to continue their fight in Gaza. “They can’t stop. They need to finish the job,” he said. “If they stop now, it’ll just start all over again within a year.”


— Kate Snow