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Air Canada Flight AC84 Aborts Landing at Ben Gurion Airport

The Air Canada Boeing 767 was just five miles from Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport when authorities advised it to keep flying.

An Israel-bound Air Canada passenger jet was forced to abort its landing after Hamas fired rockets at an airport on Friday. The Boeing 767 was just five miles from Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport when it was advised by air traffic control to keep flying "until airspace conditions could be confirmed as safe for landing," Air Canada spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur told NBC News. After altering course, Flight AC84 landed 10 minutes later at 12:07 p.m. local time (5:07 a.m. ET). The jet originated at Toronto's Pearson airport.

Hamas said it fired three rockets at the airport on Friday. Israel's military put the total launches from Gaza Friday morning at 13, prompting warnings in Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion. No damage was reported at the airport but according to Reuters the passenger lounge emptied at the sound of sirens. Hamas has stated its desire to cripple the airport. On Tuesday, an intercepted rocket prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to halt American commercial flights. The FAA's ban was lifted late Wednesday. However, German carrier Lufthansa was among those still not flying into Tel Aviv on Friday.



- Alexander Smith and Ian Wood

Reuters contributed to this report.