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Anonymous Hackers Target Israeli Government Sites Including Mossad

Several official Israeli sites, including that of the intelligence service Mossad, appeared to be down on Monday.

The "hacktivist" group Anonymous took responsibility Monday for bringing down several Israeli government websites, including that of the intelligence agency Mossad. "[The] government of Israel [has] experienced a small fraction of our anger," said the Twitter account @AnonymousGlobo, which claimed to represent the network. It posted links to the websites for various Israeli official websites - including Mossad, the Israel Defense Forces, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Justice Department, and National Security Council among others – at least some of which appeared to be down at 8:30 a.m. ET Monday.

The attacks began last week, according to the Twitter feed, but posts about the action began to escalate late Sunday and continued with a slew on Monday - including the final message: "We're back..." The group also posted a tribute to Tayyeb Shehadah, a 22-year-old protester who according to Palestine's MAAN news agency was killed during demonstrations on the West Bank on Friday. Photographs circulated on Twitter showed Shehadah wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, the symbol of Anonymous.


- Alexander Smith