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Gaza Jihadis Post List Of Knesset Members With Orders To 'Ram Them'

Prominent jihadis in Gaza distributed a list containing personal details of six members of the Israeli parliament and urged operatives to "ram them."

Prominent jihadis in Gaza distributed a list on Friday containing personal details of six Israeli lawmakers and urged all Muslims and Palestinians to "ram them," according to NBC News’ counterterrorism consulting partners Flashpoint Intelligence. The list included names, pictures, locations, jobs, email addresses and phone numbers of the Knesset members, who were labeled "legitimate targets for every Muslim and the Palestinian people," according to a statement by Flashpoint. The list was posted to Twitter in the form of a poster featuring a car and flames next to each lawmaker’s photograph.

Also included were images of the compound known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as the Temple Mount, access to which has been the source of recent unrest in Jerusalem. Two people were killed when a vehicle rammed into pedestrians at a light rail stop in Jerusalem this week. The driver was shot and killed by police. The militant Islamist group Hamas claimed responsibility. The list concluded saying: "Even if a long time passes, one day you will be punished for your crimes, and the elite of Al-Aqsa [a coalition of armed groups in the West Bank] will reach you to uproot your ungodliness from this pure land."


— Alexander Smith