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Gaza Strip Comes Back to Life During Cease-Fire

Little flashes of everyday life are showing up again in the Gaza Strip as a tense cease-fire holds between Israel and Hamas.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Life is flickering back to normal in some parts of the Gaza Strip on the second day of a truce between Israel and Hamas.

And at Kazem ice cream shop, one of the most famous in Gaza, the owner, Kinan Abu Shaaban, says business is as busy as it has been in years. Many Gazans have lived without electricity for some time. The shop runs on a generator.

“They need anything cold,” the owner told NBC News.

Banks have opened for the first time since Israel began a ground offensive three weeks ago, although at least one ATM ran out of cash.

At Shifa hospital, which was so crowded during the fighting that doctors performed surgery in hallways, the patient load has slowed a little, and one doctor says he slept at home on Tuesday night for the first time in weeks.



— James Novogrod