Middle East Unrest

Hamas Fighters Cross Into Israel Through Tunnel, Kill 2 Soldiers

Hamas militants infiltrated into Israel through a tunnel from Gaza and killed two Israel Defense Forces soldiers, the military said Saturday. Israel's military claimed the militants disguised themselves in IDF uniforms. One militant was killed and two other IDF soldiers were wounded in the gun battle.

Israel’s army said Palestinian fighters had used up or lost about half of their rockets in the past 12 days of fighting — though Hamas says they have been replenishing their arsenal. Israeli bulldozers on Saturday demolished 13 tunnels along the border with Gaza, including one 90 feet deep, the military said.

Also Saturday, a 30-year-old Israeli civilian was also killed after he sustained critical injuries from a rocket attack near the southern city of Dimona. Palestinian officials say the Israeli strikes have so far killed more than 335 people, most of them civilians. The outgunned Palestinian fighters do not publish details on their arsenals or deployment, but have said they are restocking as the conflict continues and are ready for a protracted war.

Diplomats Struggle to Work Out Ceasefire in Gaza 2:51
Wounded Rushed to Gaza Hospital as Conflict Intensifies 1:56



— NBC News with Reuters