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Brother of MH370 Passenger Philip Wood: 'I Don't Want Your Opinion' on Jet

The brother of Philip Wood, an American passenger aboard Malaysia Airlines MH370, said he does not want to hear theories about the missing plane.
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The brother of an American passenger aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 said he does not want to hear any more theories about what happened to the missing plane.

James Wood made the comments in an exclusive interview with NBC News ahead of this Sunday's anniversary of the incident. Texas native Philip Wood, 50, was one of three U.S. citizens among the 239 people on the flight.

"Everyone has a opinion, everyone has a story," Wood said. "How do you write a book on something where ... you say, 'OK, this could've happened, this could've happened'? Give me something, just one thing. Otherwise, I'm sorry, I don't want your opinion."

Despite a multi-million-dollar search operation that has involved two dozen countries and is still ongoing, no trace of the Boeing 777 has been found. Malaysian officials declared last month that MH370 was now classed as an "accident" and that all passengers and crew were "presumed to have lost their lives."

This was met with anger by a group of more than 100 family members who said they refused to accept this conclusion.

Everyone from amateurs to aviation experts has proposed theories for what happened when the plane disappeared from radar while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 last year. Four specialist ships are currently scouring a large area in the Southern Indian Ocean, where the plane is believed to have crashed.

"I've had dozens and dozens and dozens of people tell me where this airplane is," Wood said. "If you're going to tell me where this airplane is, give me at least one iota of evidence — physical, tangible evidence — that it's there."

Philip Wood was an IBM Malaysia employee and was planning to move from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur with his girlfriend at the time of the incident. His brother said one thing on which many families agree is "we just want answers." He added: "We would like to have something, some piece of evidence."

Philip Wood's girlfriend, Sarah Bajc, told NBC News in September that "something is being covered up" in the investigation to find the aircraft.

James Wood touched on these concerns in his interview this month. "I think all the families would like more transparency," he said, adding that although the families had access to more information recently, such as passenger and cargo manifests, "they don't give us very much."

He added: "Is the airline, is the country covering up information? I hope not."