Missing Jet

Buddhist Volunteers Comforting MH370 Families in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - As anxious relatives gather ever day in Kuala Lumpur for news of missing Flight 370, some are finding comfort in the form of Buddhist volunteers from the Tzu Chi Foundation.

About 10 volunteers from the Taiwan-based organization are offering round-the-clock counseling for relatives who have spent two agonizing weeks hoping for a breakthrough in the hunt for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

“They are very, very frustrated because they are not sure where their families are,” said one of the volunteers, Sio Kee Homg.

Every new piece of information triggers fresh emotion, even among those who are resigned to never seeing their loved ones again, he said.

”We hug them, we give them a tissue when they cry, we are physically there to listen to their frustration. We try to talk about something that is more positive.”

He added: “Of course there are family members that are preparing for the worst. They are sort of becoming very calm when they hear new developments. I think that, while they are preparing for the worst, they are still praying hard and still hopeful that their family members are still alive.”