Missing Jet

Kyrgyzstan Did Not Detect Missing Plane in its Airspace

A second country ruled out any possibility that the missing Malaysia Airlines jet flew into their airspace before it disappeared.

"This plane did not fly over Kyrgyzstan's territory," Dair Tokobayev, vice-president of the country’s main civilian airport Manas, told Reuters Monday.

"We have two military air bases - a U.S. and a Russian one - deployed in our country and equipped with pretty serious radar equipment, so they would have detected this plane," he added.

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His announcement came shortly after Kazakhstan’s civil aviation authority said they had not detected any “unsanctioned use” of their air space on the day that the Boeing 777 went missing.

Officials say it is possible the jet could have reached either ountry when it was purposely diverted from its flight path during an overnight flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.

- Reuters