Missing Jet

Malaysia Airlines’ Hugh Dunleavy: MH370 Hunt Will Take ‘Decades’

A Malaysia Airlines boss reportedly said he thinks it will take "decades" to find the missing Flight MH370. In a rare interview, commercial director Hugh Dunleavy told the London Evening Standard newspaper that he believes the Boeing 777 is "somewhere in the south Indian Ocean." He added: "When [a plane] hits the ocean it’s like hitting concrete. The wreckage could be spread over a big area. And there are mountains and canyons in that ocean. I think it could take a really long time to find. We’re talking decades."

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Despite a search operation that is projected to be the most expensive in history, mystery still surrounds the fate of the jet and the 239 people on board. It vanished on March 8 just an hour after leaving Kuala Lumpur on a flight to Beijing. Giving his theory to what transpired that night, Dunleavy added: "Something untoward happened to that plane. I think it made a turn to come back, then a sequence of events overtook it, and it was unable to return to base."

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- Alexander Smith