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By Alexander Smith

An American adventurer said Monday he has found washed-up personal belongings on the same beach where he previously discovered three potential parts of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Seattle native Blaine Gibson, 56, has been hunting traces of the missing jet and discovered an object in March that authorities say almost certainly came from the aircraft.

One of the bags found by Blaine Alan Gibson on Riake Beach, on the Madagascan island of Nosy Boraha.Blaine Alan Gibson

Earlier this month, he found three more possible pieces of the Boeing 777 on an 11-mile beach on the Madagascan island of Nosy Boraha. During his time there, he also recovered items including a camera case, luggage and other bags, the sole of a shoe, a prayer cap and a cellphone case.

"There's nothing that ties any of these objects to the plane or its passengers other than they were found on the same beach as the other [suspected] aircraft debris," he told NBC News on Monday.

A spokesman for the Australian government's Joint Agency Coordination Centre, which is coordinating the search, said it was aware of the possible find and Malaysian authorities would be investigating.

The remnants of another bag found by American adventurer Blaine Alan Gibson on Riake Beach, on the Madagascan island of Nosy Boraha in June.Blaine Alan Gibson

"Obviously this has only come to light in the past 24 hours but the Malaysian government handles that side of things and they will make arrangements to make sure it's looked at properly," the spokesman said.

In March, Gibson found a piece of debris on a sandbank off Mozambique. Officials say it is one of four items that almost certainly came from the missing jet. A wing flap found on the island of Reunion last July was confirmed as coming from the jet.

Possible debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 of a Boeing 777 that was found by Blaine Gibson off Mozambique. The object has the words "NO STEP" on it and could be from the plane's horizontal stabilizer — the wing-like parts attached to the tail.Courtesy of Blaine Gibson

Meanwhile on Monday, authorities from Malaysia, Australia and China were meeting to discuss the future of their as-yet-fruitless search for the jet's fuselage in the Indian Ocean.

In April, the countries agreed that if nothing was found by the time the 46,000-square-mile search area had been covered, likely in August, the hunt would be left unresolved.

The Boeing 777 disappeared from radar on March 8, 2014, while flying 239 passengers and crew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.