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Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet Had 'Ground Collision' in 2012

<p>The missing jet was involved in a "ground collision between two aircraft" in August 2012, according to a French government agency.</p>

The Malaysia Airlines jet which vanished over the South China Sea on Friday was involved in a "ground collision" with another aircraft in 2012, according to a report by a French government agency.

The Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la sécurité de l'aviation civile (BEA) carries out safety investigations relating to accidents or serious incidents in civil aviation.

The broken wing of a Malaysian Airline Boeing 777-200 passenger jet is seen on Aug. 10, 2012. A day earlier, the aircraft collided with the tail of a China Eastern Airline A340 plane at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, China.AP FILE

In a report, the BEA highlighted that missing Boeing 777-200 -- which features registration number 9M-MRO -- was involved in a "ground collision between two aircraft" at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on August. 9, 2012.

The other jet was a China Eastern Airways Airbus A340-600, according to the report.

According to The Associated Press, a tip of the Malaysian Airlines plane's wing broke off. No one was injured.