Missing Jet

U.S. Scientists: ‘Seismic Event’ Near Missing Jet Path Is Normal

The “seismic event” that Chinese scientists detected close to where the missing Malaysia Airlines jet lost contact and said were consistent with a plane crash are “regularly occurring,” U.S. scientists said Friday.

U.S. Geological Survey analysts “have a different conclusion” than the University of Science and Technology of China, which said Friday morning: “It was a non-seismic zone, therefore judging from the time and location of the event, it might be related to the missing MH370 flight."

“The location coincides with a region of regularly occurring seismicity along the Sunda-Java trench,” according to a report by the USGS.

The waveforms were consistent with a 2.7 magnitude earthquake, according to the report.

USGS analysts said that the area where the activity was detected “has been the source of a handful of great earthquakes in the past decade.”

The location — southwest of Sumatra — is also prone to volcanoes, according to the report.

Flight MH370 ceased communications with air traffic control on Saturday and 13 countries are involved in the search effort.

A map of a “seismic event” consistent with an airplane crash on the sea floor close to where missing Malaysia Airlines jet lost contact with air traffic control was released by Chinese scientists on Friday. The black star indicates where the plane lost contact, the red star where the event was detected and the blue triangles show the locations of seismic monitors. The black waves on the bottom right of the map show recording of the tremors. University of Science and Technology