The kidnapping of nearly 300 girls in Nigeria by Islamist extremists Boko Haram has sparked global outrage and an online campaign, Bring Back Our Girls.


Nigeria's Chibok Girls: Boko Haram Holds Thousands of Other Abductees Nigeria's Chibok Girls: Boko Haram Holds Thousands of Other Abductees Nigeria's Chibok Girls: Boko Haram Holds Thousands of Other Abductees

It's Not Just the Chibok Girls: Boko Haram Still Holds Thousands of Others

Sunday Alamba / AP
Nigerian Government Says 82 Chibok Girls Free From Boko Haram Nigerian Government Says 82 Chibok Girls Free From Boko Haram Nigerian Government Says 82 Chibok Girls Free From Boko Haram

82 Chibok Girls Free From Boko Haram, Nigeria Says

Nigeria's Botched Airstrike Shows Boko Haram Isn't Defeated

Joy as 21 Kidnapped Nigerian 'Chibok Girls' Reunite With Families

Nigeria Government Says 21 Chibok Girls Released by Boko Haram

Another Schoolgirl Taken by Boko Haram Is Rescued, Nigerian Army Says


#BringBackOurGirls: Freed Boko Haram Captive Meets Nigerian President

#BringBackOurGirls: Chibok Victim Found in Nigeria After 2 Years, Activist Says

Two Years Later, Women in Congress Fight to #BringBackOurGirls

Boko Haram's Use of Child 'Suicide' Bombers Skyrocketed Last Year: U.N.

Ansaru: Boko Haram Splinter Group Sows Terror in Nigeria

Surrendered Suicide Bomber Says She Is Missing Nigerian Schoolgirl

Boko Haram Escapees Shunned by Family, Communities: Report

Boko Haram Violence Forces One Million Children Out of School: U.N.

Bombings in Maiduguri Kill Dozens; Officials Blame Boko Haram

Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau Says He's Still Alive: SITE Intelligence

Boko Haram Massacre Survivors Flee Nigeria to Island in Lake Chad

Nigeria's Boko Haram Survivors Now Face Battle Against Hunger

Freed Nigerian Women Tell of Boko Haram Horror

First Group of Released Women Brought to Safety, Nigeria Says

Nigeria Claims It Freed 200 Girls Held by Terrorists

#BringBackOurGirls: Boko Haram Terror Unabated Year After Chibok Kidnappings

#LostGirls: Watch Special NBC News Webcast Marking Anniversary of Kidnappings

Boko Haram Violence in Nigeria Forces 800K Kids From Homes: UNICEF

Nigeria Postponed Election to Crush Boko Haram, But It Didn't Quite Work

'We Know Where He Is': Four Nations Put Terror Boss in Crosshairs

Is Ex-Military Dictator Muhammadu Buhari the Answer to Nigeria's Boko Haram?

Will Racism Keep ISIS from Teaming Up with Boko Haram?

U.S. Army to Provide Equipment, Intelligence to Fight Boko Haram

Boko Haram: 200,000 Christians at Risk of Massacre in Nigeria

Nigeria's Boko Haram Carries Out First Attack on Neighboring Chad

Democracy On Hold While Nigeria 'Takes Out' Boko Haram

Nigeria's Boko Haram Violence Puts Maiduguri City on Edge

Nigeria Elections: Boko Haram Violence, Ballot Chaos Threaten Vote

Boko Haram: U.S.-Nigeria Rift Was a 'Misunderstanding,' Official Says

Nigeria: Boko Haram Photos Purportedly Show Child Soldiers' Training Camp

Boko Haram: Nigeria Security Chief Sambo Dasuki Slams 'Cowards' in Military

Nigeria: Purported Boko Haram Video Says Baga Was 'Tip of the Iceberg'

Boko Haram: Nigerian Father Has Not Seen Daughter Since Baga Raid

Boko Haram Appears to Be Using Abducted Girls as Suicide Bombers: Experts

Nigeria's Boko Haram Imprisons Hundreds of Women and Children in Baga


Satellite Images Show Devastation from Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria

Boko Haram Boss Abubakar Shekau Hails Paris Terror Attacks

Boko Haram Torches Nigerian Town of Baga; 2,000 Missing: Senator

Boko Haram Militants in Nigeria Storm Key Base in Baga

Over 100 Nigerian Women, Children Missing After Suspected Boko Haram Raid

Nigeria's Boko Haram Violence Now Comparable to ISIS in Iraq

'I Jumped': One Woman's Story of Escape from Boko Haram

Attack in Nigeria's City of Maiduguri Kills Dozens

#BringBackOurGirls: Boko Haram Overruns Town of Chibok in Nigeria

Nigerian Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram Have Been Married Off

Boko Haram's Victims in Nigeria Detail Their Abuse in New Report

Boko Haram Kidnaps Dozens More Young Girls

Hope Fades for Girls' Release After Boko Haram 'Truce' Breached

Nigerian Official's Claim of Boko Haram Cease-Fire Met With Skepticism

Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnapped by Boko Haram Found 'Traumatized'

While World Watches ISIS, Boko Haram Declares Its Own Caliphate in Nigeria

Nigeria's Jonathan Calls for Removal of #BringBackGoodluck2015 Posters

Nigeria's Brutal Islamist Sect Boko Haram Stages Fresh Mass Kidnap

100 Days After Nigeria Girls' Kidnap, Boko Haram Won't Relent

Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamists Mock #BringBackOurGirls Effort

Malala Visits Nigeria on Birthday to Help Free Abducted Girls

Boko Haram Trades Terrorist Tactics With Somalia's Al Shabaab

Boko Haram Eyed in Attacks on Nigerian Military Base, Mosque

Businessman Arrested Over Role in Nigeria Schoolgirls' Abduction

U.S. Surveillance Flights Seeking Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls Reduced

Nigerian Singer Offers Virginity in Exchange for Abducted Girls

Nigeria Probes Another Possible Mass Kidnapping: Reuters Source

At Least 8 Killed, 20 Hurt in Nigeria College Blast

More than 200 Nigerian Schoolgirls Remain in Boko Haram Custody

Bloody Toll: Boko Haram Behind Deadliest Killing Spree Since 9/11

Nigeria's Neighbors to Tighten Net Around Boko Haram

U.S. Finances Nigeria's Anti-Militant TV Channel to Counter Boko Haram

Boko Haram Militants Seizing Villages in Nigeria: Witnesses

Nigeria's President Declares 'Total War' Against Boko Haram

Four Nigerian Girls Escape Boko Haram Captors: Official

Nigeria Officials at Odds in Rescue of Missing Schoolgirls: Report

Nigeria Captives Could Get U.S. Troops 'Tweeted Into Combat'

Nigerian Military Says It Knows Where Missing Girls Are

Washington Worries Boko Haram Planning Attack on U.S. Interests in Africa


Vigilantes Vow to Track Down Nigerian Girls Taken by Boko Haram

U.S. Deploys 80-Man Drone Force to Help Find Nigerian Girls

Nigerian Neighbor Cameroon Faces 'Phantom Enemy' Boko Haram

Nigeria's Traditional Hunters Want to Help Look For Girls


As Nigerians Flee Boko Haram Terror, Cameroon Deploys Elite Forces

Cameroon Military Helps Search for Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls

Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau: the Man Who Would Be Africa's Bin Laden

Boko Haram Threatens All of Western Africa: World Leaders


Salma Hayek Speaks Out for Nigerian Schoolgirls at Cannes Film Festival

Will Nigeria's Girls Ever Be Saved? What's Next in the Desperate Hunt

Suspected Boko Haram Rebels Attack Chinese Work Site in Cameroon

Lost Forever? Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Cowers Amid Terror

Missing Girls: Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan Cancels Chibok Visit

Defense Official Says Nigeria Too Slow in Fighting Boko Haram

Jonathan Yeo's Malala Portrait Brings $102,500

Nigerian Christian Shot in the Face by Boko Haram Reveals Ordeal

U.S. Marines Monitoring Unrest in North Africa Won't Go to Nigeria

Missing Nigeria Schoolgirls: Where Boko Haram Gets Its Weapons

U.S. 'Global Hawk' Drone Joins Search for Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls