Nepal Earthquake

Kathmandu’s Historic Dharahara Tower Reduced to Rubble

Image: 19th century Dharahara Tower in Kathmandu
LEFT: A Nepalese mahout rides an elephant past the 19th century Dharahara Tower in Kathmandu on October 27, 1998. RIGHT: Kathmandu's landmark tower is seen after it was destroyed in Saturday’s earthquake. AFP - Getty Images; AP

Among the destroyed buildings in the Nepal earthquake was the nine-story Dharahara Tower, a landmark built by Nepal's royal rulers as a watchtower in the 1800s and a UNESCO-recognized historical monument. It was reduced to rubble and there were reports of people trapped underneath. The magnitude-7.8 quake was the worst to hit Nepal in eight decades and caused damage and fatalities in neighboring countries.

Nepal’s Tallest Tower Reduced to Rubble After Quake 0:33