Support for President Barack Obama and for the Affordable Care Act has gone down among the nation's Latinos, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis.

An equal amount of Hispanics - 47 percent - both approve and disapprove of the health care legislation. Six months ago, 61 percent of Latinos supported the law.

As for job approval ratings, 48 percent of Hispanics think the President is doing a good job, down from 63 percent in September 2013.

Sixty one percent of Latinos agree with the statement that is the government’s responsibility to ensure all Americans have health coverage. Latino enrollment in Obamacare is expected to be lower than original projections, partly because of delays with the Spanish-language website and Latino-specific outreach.

On Thursday, Obama said 6 million Americans had enrolled since October 1st.

Immigration, the report points out, is another issue being closely looked at by the Latino electorate. While 72 percent of Hispanics agree that Congress should enact legislation to reform the nation's immigration laws, last spring's bipartisan Senate immigration bill has stalled in the Republican-led House. President Obama recently called for a review of deportation practices, a topic at the forefront for many Latino immigration advocates.