Orlando Nightclub Massacre

Orlando Hospitals Won’t Bill Pulse Nightclub Massacre Victims

Survivors of the Orlando nightclub massacre won't be billed for out-of-pocket medical expenses, the two hospitals that treated them announced Wednesday.

"Orlando Health has not sent any hospital or medical bills directly to Pulse patients and we don't intend to pursue reimbursement of medical costs from them. We are exploring numerous options to help the victims of the Pulse nightclub tragedy address immediate and ongoing medical costs," Orlando Health, a non-profit network of medical facilities that includes Orlando Regional Hospital, said in a statement.

For patients with insurance, the hospital will bill their health providers, but whatever isn't covered will be absorbed by Orlando Health.

Even after tapping into state and federal funds, victim funds, and other sources, Orlando Health expects to write off more than $5 million in total unreimbursed costs.

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The attack at the popular LGBT club by gunman Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded dozens more. Forty-four patients from the June 12 mass shooting at Pulse nightclub were sent to Orlando Regional Hospital. Florida Hospital, which treated 12, also said it wouldn't charge patients, incurring a cost of about $525,400.

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"It was incredible to see how our community came together in the wake of the senseless Pulse shooting. We hope this gesture can add to the heart and goodwill that defines Orlando," Daryl Tol, president and CEO of Florida Hospital and Central Florida Region-Adventist Health System.

The attack at the popular LGBT club by gunman Omar Mateen killed 49 people. An autopsy report earlier this month revealed Mateen was shot eight times by police and was not drunk during the rampage.

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