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Charlie Hebdo Attack: Pakistani Legislators Chant 'Death to Blasphemers'

Pakistani lawmakers chanted "death to blasphemers" during a march decrying the publication of Muhammad cartoons in French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Dozens of Pakistani lawmakers chanted "death to blasphemers" during a march Thursday decrying the publication of Prophet Muhammad cartoons in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Yousaf, who led the brief demonstration of around 40 people outside parliament in Islamabad, said: "All political parties are with us ... All Muslim countries should condemn these blasphemous cartoons."

Charlie Hebdo issued a special edition featuring Muhammad on its cover on Wednesday, a week after 12 people were killed in a terror attack on its offices in Paris. Pakistan's foreign office had unequivocally condemned the massacre. Earlier, Pakistan's lower house of parliament passed a resolution condemning the publication of the Muhammad cartoons. The resolution was tabled by Khwaja Saad Rafique, a minister in the conservative government of the Pakistan Muslim League, and passed unanimously.


— Wajahat S. Khan