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'Be Happy, Because We Are Lucky': A Bataclan Survivor's Story of Aid and Guilt

At first, Laurent Lafont-Bettesti thought the explosions Friday night at Paris' Bataclan hall were part of the heavy metal show.

PARIS — At first, Laurent Lafont-Battesti thought the explosions were part of the show being put on by the Eagles of Death Metal.

But then everyone around him began screaming and scrambling for safety, and that's when Lafont-Battesti knew something was desperately wrong.

Lafont-Battesti was one of the terrified music lovers who made it out of the Bataclan concert hall after Friday night's horrifying terrorist attack.

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Someone had the idea of getting out through a window — but there was no ladder. So everyone helped one an another as best as he or she could, Lafont-Battesti told NBC News on Sunday.

"I've seen really, really beautiful behaviors there," he said. "We were gentlemen — it was ladies first."

In an adjacent apartment where he and others huddled for safety, Lafont-Battesti tried to be reassuring.

"I said to people around me: 'Be happy because, we are lucky, I think. Because we will make it. We will survive."

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Lafont-Battesti holed up in his apartment for most of two days before finally venturing out onto the streets of his beloved Paris on Sunday.

"It's good to be alive," he said. But "sometimes I feel a bit guilty, because I'm alive and some people are not. Why me? Why me?

"I know I'm wrong," he added. "I know I don't have to be guilty to be alive."