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French Police Release New Photo, Ask for Help Identifying Dead Paris Stadium Attacker

French police released a photo Sunday of a man believed to be the third unidentified suicide attacker.

French police released a photo Sunday of a man believed to be the third unidentified suicide attacker who died in the bombings of the Stade de France during coordinated attacks that left 130 dead last week.

The man police are looking to identify was among three people who died in the attacks outside the stadium. Another one of the suspects killed was a man operating under the name "Ahmad Almohammad," who French police are also looking to accurately identify.

It was unclear exactly where police got the photo of if they already have a lead on the third attacker's name.

Meanwhile, an international manhunt for Salah Abdeslam, who is believed to have been an accomplice in the attacks, is still ongoing. His name was on rental documents for a Belgian-registered black Volkswagen Polo found outside the Bataclan concert hall, where 89 people were slaughtered.

Salah is the brother of one of the deceased attackers, Brahim Abdeslam, officials have said.

On Sunday, another brother, Mohamed Abdelslam, urged the fugitive to turn himself in. "We would rather see Salah in prison than in a cemetery," Mohamed said.

Investigators also extended the detention of a man arrested Wednesday outside of a police-stormed building where the suspected ringleader of the attacks died. Police have released the seven other people they took into custody during the raid but Jawad Bendaoud was still being held, according to Reuters.

Bendaoud told a French television station that he had been asked to host two people in his apartment for three days, but he didn’t know they were affiliated with terrorism.

Reuters reported that terrorism suspects can be held in France for up to six days — at which point they must be charged or released.

Reuters contributed.