Paris Terror Attacks

Paris Attack Survivor Who Saved Pregnant Woman Tells of Rescue

Pregnant woman who dangled from Paris balcony searches for her savior 2:36

The Paris massacre survivor credited with saving the life of a pregnant woman dangling from a window told Tuesday of his decision to stop and help.

Video pictures from the back of the besieged Bataclan theater showed the woman shouting for help as she held on to a ledge above a street littered with bodies.

She was dragged back into the building by a fellow survivor who identified himself only as 34-year-old Sebastian.

He told radio station France Bleu Gard Lozère that he reached out to the woman because "it's not possible to let someone die in front of you — there had already been too many,"

"I saw the woman who was hanging out of the window. She was asking people who were on the pavement, who were running away, to catch her," he said. "She wanted to jump."

Sebastian added that he learned Monday that the woman, who has requested anonymity, had survived.

The video, filmed from across the street, captured the woman shouting: "Sir, sir … I'm pregnant" to others fleeing from a rear door. Bodies can be seen lying in the streets and other casualties were seen being dragged away.

Survivor’s Harrowing Account of Terror Attack: 'It Felt Like it Would Last Forever' 1:14

Of the 129 killed on Friday night, at least 89 people died at the Bataclan where concertgoers were watching the American band The Eagles of Death Metal.

"It's surreal. As powerful the nightmare may be, the pleasure of being alive is extraordinary," Sebastian told France Bleu Gard Lozère of his escape. " We could see death coming towards us and all we could do is flee and pray not to be the one who was killed."

He added that "the true heroes have died ... they have paid with their lives so that we can be here to bear witness and enjoy life. So we are going to make the most of it and think of them on a daily basis."