Paris Terror Attacks

Paris Attacks: Cellphone Reportedly Found Near Bataclan Venue

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PARIS, France — A cellphone was found near the site of the Bataclan concert hall massacre that contained a map of the venue and a text message saying "let's go,” according to a local report.

Citing sources close to the investigation, French news site Mediapart said the device was found in a trash can near the scene of Friday’s bloodiest terror attack in which 89 people were killed.

According to Mediapart, police have not determined the identity of the owner of the phone, nor the recipient of the text message.

However, the discovery of the device appears to confirm the methodic coordination of the suicide bombings and shootings, which killed a total of 129 people.

Mediapart said the message sent from the phone was “On est parti on commence,” meaning “Let’s go.”

The venue was hosting a sell-out concert by the California-based Eagles of Death Metal.

Mediapart said it had withheld reporting the information earlier, at the request of police, so as not to compromise the investigation. A source confirmed the Mediapart report to Reuters.

Two of the three Bataclan terrorists have been identified by authorities as French citizens Ismael Omar Mostefai, a 29-year-old of Algerian descent, and Sami Amimour, 28, who came from the Paris suburb of Drancy and was first charged with links to terrorism in 2012.

Police stormed the concert hall after midnight Friday, killing the attackers, after they began killing hostages inside.

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