Paris Terror Attacks

Paris Attacks Memorial Service: Hollande Mourns 130 Victims

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PARIS — The names of the victims of the terrorist attacks on Paris were read out during a memorial service in the French capital on Friday.

The service was attended by many survivors and family members of those killed on November 13.

"France was cowardly struck in an act of war," French President Francois Hollande told mourners at the Les Invalides complex of historic buildings in the center of the city. He added that "130 voices have been killed forever."

A band and choir performed a defiant rendition of La Marseillaise, France's national anthem, which was immediately followed by a minute's silence.

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"It was important for me to be here today to pay tribute to the victims and to reaffirm our French values — liberty, equality, fraternity," Olivier Dressryre told NBC News after attending the service.

Dressryre said the attacks affected "the core of our way of life and our values."

Hollande had asked that the French people display the country's flag Friday, two weeks after the deadly attacks. Many obliged both at the ceremony and in nearby streets.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the assault, in which gunmen stormed a concert venue, suicide attackers blew themselves up near an international soccer game, and other shooters opened fire on bars and restaurants.

Most of those slain were aged in their 20s and 30s.

Hollande promised the families of the 130 people killed that he would do everything to destroy the "army of fanatics" responsible.

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