Paris Terror Attacks

Paris Attacks: Mom, Daughter Pay Tribute to Victims, Make Sense of Terror

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PARIS — Petra Korosi and her daughter, 3-year-old Lhana, lit candles at Place de la Republique in the French capital on Sunday.

Korosi said it was important that they came and have Lhana see this — the little girl knows a little of what happened because her parents were out Friday night and delayed coming home by subway closures.

"My mom told her there were bad men," Korosi explained. "She doesn't ask many questions, she's so young."

Image: Petra Korosi and her three-year-old daughter Lhana
Petra Korosi and her three-year-old daughter Lhana light candles at the Place de la Republique on Sunday in honor of the victims of the coordinated terrorist attacks on Friday, Nov. 13 2015. Cassandra Vinograd / NBC News

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As Korosi spoke Lhana interrupted with a stream of words.

"The police stopped the metro because there was a bad man," Lhana spurted out. "And then there was a gun."

Korosi patted her daughters head and says it's important to answer her daughters questions if more arise. It's also important, she added, to come pay tribute.

"It's to say I'm here and part of the community and we are here for peace and freedom," she said.

The Place de la Republique is considered the symbolic heart the French capital, in times of adversity as well as celebration. Tributes to the victims have multiplied since Friday's onslaught, with Parisians laying flowers, letters and candles even after officials advised residents to stay indoors in the aftermath of the attacks.