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School Stabbing Spree

Student Describes School Terror: ‘Someone Is Stabbing People’

A student at Franklin Regional High School in Pennsylvania described the panic that ensued when a student started stabbing people in the halls.

"I was walking into the school and a stampede of people were running after me," said Kari Lee. "They were screaming, 'Go to your cars! Go to your cars! Someone is stabbing people!

"It was really scary but it happened so fast I didn't know what to think," Lee said.

20 Reported Stabbed At Pittsburgh Area School 4:18

The teen said she did not see any of the violence but has since learned that several of her friends were knifed.

"I know two people undergoing surgery right now," she said.

Another friend was cut on the face but not severely injured. He texted her a picture of himself to say he was OK.

Lee said she was stunned by what happened. "Our school is very safe."

— Tracy Connor

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