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Scottish Tennis Star Andy Murray Voices Support for Independence

Former Wimbledon champ Andy Murray tweets his support for a campaign that would see the end of a 307-year-old union with England.

Scotland’s top sporting star Andy Murray threw his weight behind the country's independence movement early Thursday, tweeting his support for the campaign that would see the end of a 307-year-old union with England just before the key vote.

Murray won Wimbledon's men's singles title in 2013, a year after he won gold and silver medals at the London 2012 Olympics. Murray attracted controversy in 2006 by saying he would support "anyone but England" in soccer's World Cup -- a common jibe expressed by fans of Scotland's national team. The 27-year-old tennis star, who now in lives in England, has more than 2.7 million Twitter followers. He had previously steered clear of the independence issue publicly. Famous supporters of the pro-independence campaign include actors Sean Connery, Gerard Butler and Alan Cumming. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and legendary ex-Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson are among the most prominent opponents. "Big day in Scotland tomorrow #indyref. My head says no and my heart shouts it - but whatever happens, I hope we're all friends by Saturday," Rowling tweeted on Wednesday.