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Scottish Voters Take Sides in Independence Referendum

Days away from a historic referendum on whether Scotland should be independent from the U.K., four voters give their view and explain why it matters.

Millions of voters will decide in less than two weeks’ time on whether Scotland should become independent from the rest of Britain – a historic referendum that has created intense debate and divided public opinion. With polls suggesting support for Scottish independence has risen dramatically in recent weeks, the “Yes" campaign is as close as six percentage points behind advocates of keeping the United Kingdom, raising the stakes in what could be the biggest constitutional shake-up for 307 years.

Teacher June Sutherland from Clackmannanshire, student Caitlin Fyffe from Dundee, actor Jamie Biddulph from Stirling and sheep shearer Calum Shaw from Fife gave NBC News their views on the Sept. 18 referendum, explaining how they will be voting and why the poll matters to Scots. "I'm sure it's upset some people," said Shaw, explaining how the national discussion has caused heated arguments between friends. "I hope that when all this has settled down, we can still have good relations with England," Sutherland added.



- Peter Jeary and Alastair Jamieson