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Plot Holes and Misconceptions: Dreyfuss Kids Reflect on 'Jaws'

In the 40 years since the bestseller “Jaws,” was first published, the movie adaptation remains a cult classic.

It’s been 40 years since Peter Benchley penned his best-seller, “Jaws” -- but the movie adaptation that catapulted Steven Spielberg to fame continues to be a summer favorite. (And many Americans still hesitate before plunging into the ocean.)

We caught up with Ben and Emily Dreyfuss, whose father, Richard Dreyfuss, played Hooper in the film. The siblings published a hilarious chat about the movie on the website Mother Jones, where they both agreed it’s a “wonderful film” that “makes no sense.”

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A little known fact: their father almost didn’t take the role in “Jaws” that made him a movie star. The first time Spielberg called he said no.

It seems everyone in America has seen “Jaws” at least once, and probably multiple times. But most people (members of the Dreyfuss family included) seem to have difficulty remembering certain details: such as which character said the famous, “We need a bigger boat” line, or who actually ended up killing the shark.

All these years later Ben and Emily are still wondering why the movie that helped pay their college tuition became the first-ever summer blockbuster. Check out their thoughts after seeing the film for the first time in years—and learn which facts even they couldn’t keep straight.