'Slender Man' Stabbing

Slender Man Stabbing: 12-Year-Old Suspect Competent to Stand Trial

The 12-year-old Wisconsin girl accused of masterminding a stabbing attack on a friend in order to appease a fictional bogeyman is competent enough to stand trial, an expert testified Wednesday. The finding now allows a Waukesha County judge to rule next Tuesday on whether to allow the case to continue, reported NBC affiliate WTMJ-TV. The girl’s defense team had argued she "lacks the mental capacity" to understand the charges against her and answer in her own defense.

A psychologist had testified in August that the girl — whom NBC News is not identifying because of her age — believes that unicorns and the "Harry Potter" villain Voldemort are real. The 12-year-old and another classmate, who is now 13, are accused of stabbing a schoolmate 19 times following a May 30 sleepover in order to pay homage to Slender Man, an online horror meme. The 12-year-old victim survived.

The 12-year-old girl was found incompetent in August, but ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment so that she can eventually stand trial. Both suspects were charged for attempted first-degree intentional homicide as adults, and the second girl was found last month to be competent enough to stand trial. Her lawyers are contesting that finding and her competency hearing will resume next month. The girls’ lawyers want the case moved to juvenile court instead.

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— Erik Ortiz