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The news of U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn's feat of strength after he got locked in his bathroom at the Sochi Games traveled around the Twitterverse last week. On Monday, the Olympic athelete demonstrated his daring escape and shared some tips for those who may find themselves in a similar predicament.

"The first thing you want to do is check the handle: you want to spin it right, you want to spin it left, you want to push it, you want to pull it," he told NBC Olympics. "That way, you can make sure that this door is locked or jammed."

Once it becomes clear the door cannot be opened the traditional way, Quinn said you should start making noise, in case anyone within earshot might be able to come to your rescue.

"Once you’ve exhausted both options and you know the door is locked or jammed, you have one option left," Quinn said, referring to punching a hole in the door.

"Check the handle. Still locked. Once you make the hole wide enough, you climb out," he added.

NBC News' Lou Dubois contributed to this report.