Super Bowl

Twittersphere Roasts Apple’s Tim Cook Over Blurry Super Bowl Pic

If you're going to share a picture with your two million followers on Twitter, you better make sure it's a good one. That's what Apple CEO Tim Cook found out over the weekend, when a distinctly jittery photo he took (presumably with an iPhone) on the field Sunday at the end of the Super Bowl caused an outpouring of good-natured ridicule online.

Here's the shot that launched a thousand snarky tweets:

(Unfortunately, Cook later deleted the original tweet and photo.)

Some clever Twitter users thought it would make a good ad campaign:

Others just joined in the mockery:

Yet others were quick to forgive.

After all, who among us can say we've never taken a bad photo with our phone?

Cook has yet to respond to his critics, though he did post a better photo shortly after.