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Syrian Foes Share Moment of Silence For Dead

<p>In unusual gesture, negotiators in Geneva honor all victims of three-year war.</p>
Image: Barrel bomb attacks in Aleppo
Syrian civilians gather at the site of the barrel bomb attacks dropped by Syrian regime forces on Al Sahara village of Aleppo, Syria, on Jan 30. At least 32 people were killed after Syrian air forces attacked opposition controlled areas in Aleppo. Getty Images Contributor

In a rare moment of solidarity, the opposing sides in Syria’s civil war shared a moment of silence in honor of the conflict's victims in Geneva Thursday.

Negotiators at the week-old peace talks were still mired in the details of how the talks should proceed with just one day left before the participants head home, but the unusual gesture of unity was welcome.

Opposition delegate Ahmad Jakal said his delegation's head, Hadi al-Bahra, proposed the minute of silence and all sides stood up, including Assad's delegation and Brahimi's team. "All stood up for the souls of the martyrs. Symbolically it was good," Jakal told Reuters. Afterwards, the two sides quickly retreated back to their entrenched positions on the conflict.

The three-year civil war has killed more than 130,000 people.