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In Aleppo, Bana Al-Abed's Mother, Fatemah, Resumes Posting to Account

“Under attack. Nowhere to go, every minute feels like death. Pray for us. Goodbye,” Bana al-Abed's mother tweeted Monday afternoon.
Image: Bana al-Abed
Bana al-Abed

A day after their account ominously disappeared from Twitter, Bana al-Abed and her mother, Fatemah, resumed posting Monday about their life inside Eastern Aleppo — but their message was bleak.

“Under attack. Nowhere to go, every minute feels like death. Pray for us. Goodbye,” Fatemah tweeted Monday afternoon.

Al-Abed’s Twitter account went offline Sunday shortly after her mother posted a dark farewell message.

“We are sure the army is capturing us now. We will see each other another day dear world. Bye. – Fatemah,” she tweeted before the account went dark.

A spokesperson for the humanitarian organization, Syria Charity, told NBC News that they have been in touch with the family since the account disappeared and that the Al-Abeds have not been taken captive by the Syrian army.

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As news of the Twitter account’s disappearance spread, the hashtag #WhereisBana began trending, with celebrities like author J.K. Rowling spreading the word. Supporters of the family began speculating that something had happened to the 7-year-old and her family.

Through her tweets, Al-Abed and her mother have become symbols of the impact Syria’s war has on children. Monday’s new post was greeted with a mixture of relief and skepticism by some on social media.

“Happy to have you back on twitter. Be strong we are praying for little angel,” one user posted, while others accused the account of being used for propaganda.

Meanwhile, the situation in Aleppo remains dire. Rebel shelling killed eight civilians and two Russian nurses there on Monday, according to Moscow officials. The bombardment coincided with a crushing air and ground assault that has seen forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad recapture more than half of opposition-held eastern Aleppo.

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A proposal to pass a temporary seven-day truce in Aleppo failed to pass the United Nations Security Council Monday. The proposal was defeated in an 11-3 vote, after Russia and China voted against the resolution and officials from both Russia and the United States traded blame for the failure to reach diplomatic path toward peace in the besieged country.