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We frequently hear terrible stories from Syria, where more than 9.5 million people - nearly half of the country’s population - have fled their homes. NBC News is setting out to find out what has happened to them, and what will happen to them, to look beyond the stories of this week or next, and follow the stories of a group of Syrian families in months to come. They are all part of our storyline, "Syria's Suffering Families."

Syria’s Refugees Speak

April 23, 201400:42

As fighting in Syria rages on into a fourth year, we ask: Will these families ever be able to return home? Many of their children have been injured. Most are psychologically traumatized. Uprooted from their towns and villages, they’re having to start their lives from scratch. How will they do it?

Follow NBC News' Keir Simmons Read more in our "Syria's Suffering Families" series to understand the plight of these mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents. To help Syrian families, visit our How to Help page.