Donations Top $300,000 For Texas Teen Who Witnessed Family's Murder

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A fundraising campaign to benefit the lone survivor of a family gunned down in a Houston suburb has raised more than $300,000 in four days. Local and distant supporters are rallying behind Cassidy Stay, the 15-year-old survivor of the Texas family shooting, through a GoFundMe site in her name. The fund has brought in more than $307,000 from nearly 5,800 donors.

"I hope you know the love of strangers surround you now, and that this will bring you strength," one donor posted. Another poster wrote, "It seems so useless and tacky donating money to this sweet, little heroine, but how my head and heart ache for her."

Cassidy has exhibited strength since the horrific killings on Wednesday that took her parents, Stephen and Katie Stay, and four younger siblings. In a memorial service on Saturday, Cassidy expressed hope in seeing her family again as they're "in a much better place." Ronald Lee Haskell, Katie Stay's ex-brother-in-law, has been charged with murder in the killings.



— Natalie Daher