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Teen Shot in Texas Family Slaying Released From Hospital

Cassidy Stay, who was shot in the head but survived by playing dead, is being called a hero for calling 911 and leading police to the accused gunman.

The "hero" 15-year-old girl who survived being shot in the head in suburban Houston Wednesday and was able to point police to the man accused of executing her family was released from the hospital in good condition Friday and is expected to make a full recovery, the hospital said.

"As a hospital team, we were honored to be able to help care for this brave young woman at her critical time of need," Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital said in a statement. "The entire staff at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital has been profoundly touched by Cassidy's resilient spirit, inner strength, and hopeful heart during this time of indescribable shock and grief."

Cassidy Stay lost her entire family in the violent shooting. Ron Lee Haskell is charged with murdering her four siblings, aged 4 to 13, and their parents, Stephen Stay, 39, and Katie Stay, 33. The teen was shot in the back of the head, but survived by playing dead. She was then able to call 911 and tell authorities where Haskell was headed. After a tense standoff, Haskell surrendered to police.


—Becky Bratu