U.S.-Cuba Relations

U.S., Cuba to Announce Deal to Open Foreign Embassies

US to announce Cuba embassy reopening 1:06

The United States and Cuba will officially re-establish diplomatic relations on Wednesday morning with the announcement of a deal to open foreign embassies in each country's respective capitals, sources told NBC News.

"We expect President Obama and Secretary (of State John) Kerry to address this publicly tomorrow morning," a senior administration official said.

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The Cuban Foreign Ministry is also expected to hold a news conference on Wednesday morning. In a statement, Cuban officials said that the head of the American Mission in Cuba, Jeffrey DeLaurentis, will deliver a letter from Obama addressed to Cuban President Raul Catro calling on the "restoration of diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies in their respective countries."

When those embassies in Havana and Washington would open wasn't immediately clear.

This formal step follows Obama's call to normalize relations and economic ties between the two countries after decades of Cold War hostilities. In another major move, the U.S. said in May it was removing Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism.