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Chaplain of Ukrainian Navy Forces Arrested in Crimea: Director

Mykola Kvych was arrested in Sevastopol, Crimea, on Saturday, according to the head of the military chaplains.

Pro-Russian forces arrested the chaplain of the Ukrainian Navy Forces in Crimea on Saturday, according to the head of the military chaplaincy.

The chaplain, Mykola Kvych, was arrested while he was in Sevastopol, where Ukraine's navy is headquartered, said the Rev. Stepan Sus, director of the Center for Military Chaplaincy in Lviv.

Supporters posted on a Facebook status in Ukrainian sending their hopes and prayers for the chaplain and the country in crisis.

Sevastopol has been a focus of tension because its naval base is used by both Moscow and Ukraine.

On Friday, a Russian warship sent in troops and trucks to the sea port in Sevastopol, while at least 100 Russian vehicles were about 10 miles from the port city, Reuters reported.

— Alessandra Malito