Ukraine Crisis

Fiery Battleground: Protests Flare Up in Kiev

Protesters clash with riot police in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, on Feb. 18. A least three protesters were killed on Tuesday in clashes with police, Ukrainian opposition activists say. Violence erupted in the Ukrainian capital after anti-government protesters broke through a police cordon in front of parliament. SERGEY DOLZHENKO / EPA

Thousands of angry anti-government protesters clashed with police outside Ukraine's parliament in Kiev on Tuesday in an eruption of violence following new maneuvering by Russia and the European Union to gain influence over this former Soviet republic.

Three protesters were killed in the melee, the opposition reported, and emergency workers found another person dead after a fire at the ruling party's office in Kiev.

--Associated Press

Image: Anti-government protests in Ukraine.
Riot policemen in flames clash with protesters during the continuing protest in downtown Kiev on Feb. 18. ANDREW KRAVCHENKO / EPA
Image: Anti-government protests in Ukraine
Protesters take over the main office of the ruling Ukrainian Party of Regions political party in downtown Kiev, on Feb. 18. Protester marched toward the parliament to demand constitutional reforms that would curb the powers of President Viktor Yanukovych. OLEG PETRASYUK / EPA
Image: Ukraine protests
An anti-government protester finds cover during clashes with riot police outside Ukraine's parliament in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday. Efrem Lukatsky / AP
Image: Ukraine protests
A anti-government protester is engulfed in flames while running from the scene, during clashed with riot police outside Ukraine's parliament in Kiev. Efrem Lukatsky / AP