Kiev Burning: Protesters Face Off Across Square

Image: Anti government protest in Ukraine
Riot police officers stand opposite anti-government protesters during on-going demonstrations on Independence Square in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, 19 February 2014. Twenty-five people were killed and 351 injured during violent clashes on 18 February, the Health Ministry said, as on-going protests, which began in November after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych backed away from a trade agreement with the EU in favour of a 15-billion-dollar loan from Russia, continued. ALEXEY FURMAN / EPA

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Riot police officers faced off against anti-government protesters in Kiev's Independence Square on Wednesday morning, a day after at least 25 people were killed in deadly clashes in the Ukrainian capital.

"I am not going to sit and wait while they kill me," said one protester, 32-year-old Anton Rybkovich. "I'm going to attack. The more force the government uses, the more harsh our response will be."

Ukrainian riot police on the edge of Maidan Square, Kiev, around noon local time on Wednesday.Jamie Novogrod / NBC News