Mystery Deepens: Where Is Yanukovych?

Amid the upheaval Saturday in Ukraine, one big mystery lingered: Where is President Viktor Yanukovych?

Parliament voted to oust Yanukovych, who earlier fled Kiev to the Russian-friendly eastern city of Kharkiv and denounced his removal from power as a "coup d'etat."

As former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko rallied tens of thousands of people in Kiev's Independence Square, hundreds of others stormed Yanukovych's opulent residence just outside the capital:

Image: Anti government protest in Ukraine
A man poses in a bathtub at President Viktor Yanukovich's opulent residence Saturday near Kiev. SERGEY DOLZHENKO / EPA

Meanwhile, widespread reports emerged that Yanukovych was on the move, and had tried to flee the country itself but got stopped at the border:

— M. Alex Johnson