Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Defiant on National Day as Rebels Parade Captives

KIEV/DONETSK Ukraine — Ukraine marked its independence day on Sunday with a military march-past in Kiev intended to send a message of defiance to Russia, but pro-Moscow rebels countered by parading captured Ukrainian troops through the streets of their main stronghold.

The rival events highlighted the divide that will have to be bridged if a compromise on Ukraine is to be reached on Tuesday when Russian President Vladimir Putin meets his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko for the first time in months.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who visited Kiev on Saturday to try to lay the ground-work for a peace deal, said Tuesday's talks were unlikely to produce a breakthrough. Kiev's forces are trying to crush a pro-Moscow separatist revolt in the east of Ukraine, and on Sunday intense artillery fire could be heard around the main rebel bastion of Donetsk. O

In Independence Square in the Ukrainian capital Kiev — scene of protests that pushed out a Moscow-backed president in February and precipitated the current crisis — President Poroshenko reviewed columns of men and armoured vehicles. Some of the troops in the march-past were shortly heading to the front line in eastern Ukraine, Poroshenko said. In an emotional speech, he said his country was fighting "a war against external aggression, for Ukraine, for its freedom, for its people, for independence".

Poroshenko also announced about $3 billion would be spent on re-equipping the army in 2015-2017.



— Reuters