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Dutch Town Mourns Popular Couple Who Perished in Ukraine Crash

In Volendum, there are tears and disbelief from friends of Neeltje Tol and Cor Schilder, who were heading on vacation on board doomed Malaysia jet.

VOLENDUM, The Netherlands -- In this town, there are tears and disbelief from friends and loved ones of Neeltje Tol and Cor Schilder. The couple, in their early 30's, was heading on vacation when MH17 exploded mid-air over Ukraine. They ran a flower shop in one of the local shopping centers, which was overwhelmed Friday with bouquets, candles, and cards as mourners began to pay their respects.

The couple was described as always laughing and smiling. Schilder was also worked for the city in the Parks Department, according to Volendum Mayor Willem Van-Beek. The mayor held emotional meetings today with both families, who are now wondering how and when they will get remains back from Ukraine.

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--Katy Tur